Nova Launcher 6.1 Beta Receives A New Update

One of the best interfaces on Android, Nova Launcher has released an update that allows Google Explore to be available in Dark Mode

Nova Launcher, the most popular launcher on Google Play Store Pixel Launcher is quite similar to the features of almost pure Android uses a mobile experience to the users. With the release of the 6.1 Beta update released today, Nova Launcher has a dark fashion for the Discover feature.


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Nova Launcher integrated the Google Explore feature (such as the Flipboard application on Samsung smartphones) to your own interface when you scroll the main screen to the right. To activate this feature, you had to download and install an .apk file called 'Nova Google Companion'.


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In order to expand the use of Google Explore and provide users with a better experience, Nova added the dark mode to Beta for Explore. To be able to experience this innovation, you need to be included in Nova Launcher's test program. If you want to be a Test User and be one of the first people to try out the latest innovations, click here.

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