Now available: USB stick with Desinfec't 2019/20

Since many computers today no DVD drive is installed, Desinfec't can also be installed on a USB stick and start. For those who want to save this installation, there is the current special issue c't know Desinfec't 2019/20 also as e-paper on a stick from which the rescue system starts directly. The stick has a storage capacity of 16 GB and is available in the heise shop for 19.90 euros,

With Desinfec't you can examine Windows computers to detect Trojans and disable them. The system comes with four scanners from Eset, F-Secure, Kaspersky and Sophos. So that the scanners are always up to date, spend the AV providers for a year free signature updates.

With Desinfec't you not only kill Trojans, but you can also thoroughly investigate crashed Windows computers. The rescue system brings with it various expert tools. Whole partitions can be cloned or accidentally deleted data restored if necessary. That's not hard at all – easy-to-understand articles in the magazine explain how it works.

But also computer beginners should be able to cope with Desinfec't. The easy scan is simple and anyone can initiate a Trojan hunt. In addition, thanks to the standard integrated TeamViewer, the family admin can call for help. Using the remote maintenance software, he can take control and examine the computer patient.

Desinfec't 2019/20 uses Ubuntu 18.04.3 as the base with the 5.0 kernel. The new version makes it even easier to scan Bitlocker encrypted drives. The option for this can now be selected directly in the Scan Assistant. In addition, you can now only update the signatures without having to perform a scan. In addition, Desinfec't 2019/20 can also scan Linux partitions (EXT, BTRFS, XFS).

Next to the Stick for 19.90 euros Can you still do that E-paper in the heise shop for 9,99 Euro including download of the rescue system. The digital version is also available in the c't app for Android and iOS. A digital edition is also available available at Amazon, If you prefer to hold the book in your hands, must pay 12.90 euros, The print edition is only available today (23.09.2019) postage paid in the heise shop.


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