Number of Cases Increased 5 Times in Ankara

Ankara Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Mehmet Gülüm stated that the number of cases in Ankara increased by 5 times compared to before March and increased to frightening levels, which was reflected in hospitals.

According to the data released today 50.000’e Due to the upcoming number of cases, the rate of spread of the virus has reached a frightening point. It is among the provinces most affected by the increasing cases in Ankara. With the vaccination of citizens over the age of 60, the course of the cases was expected to progress downward.

Currently in Ankara 7 at hospital Biontech vaccine started to be made. However, new cases occur mostly in the young population. Prof. Dr. honey He states that the number of cases in Ankara has increased 5 times compared to before March. The frightening increase caused Ankara Metropolitan Municipality to restrict the visits. With the transition of the distance education to the distance education of the schools in the capital, the danger of the virus shows its seriousness.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Gulum explains

Ankara Case Numbers

Statement by Ankara Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Mehmet Gülüm said, “We have an increase of up to 5 times in the increase of cases compared to March. There was a 2-fold increase in our need for service beds. Our intensive care rates in Ankara are currently at the level of 63 percent. Ankara has a very strong infrastructure in terms of healthcare infrastructure. Even when the increases were the most, such as the end of August and the beginning of September, no insufficiency occurred. It can be said that the increase we have seen in the last 1 month, perhaps the difference from other increases, is that the virus is spreading a little more.” said.


Turkey, Most Cases Reported coronavirus 2. Had Country

AnkaraStating that health services continue to be provided in a “healthy” manner, Gülüm is afraid of an increase in the number of cases if citizens do not comply with the measures. Stating that official measures are not enough to protect people, Gülüm points out that people should also take their own precautions, and we should restrict activities such as visiting, chatting and sightseeing. “We learn something from this pandemic every day. We are experiencing an epidemic that does not fit perfectly with any formula. We are experiencing a pandemic in which we pay the bills for the slightest negligence and the slightest imprudence. “ saying Mehmet Gulum It invites all Ankara to be careful.

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