Number of people who have eaten coronavirus has exceeded 350 thousand

The coronavirus, which is constantly on the agenda with new numbers of cases and deaths, has exceeded a significant limit in its last improving number. After the new statements made by the countries, the number of virus survivors was 241,201.

Spreading all over the world at an unstoppable speed new type of coronavirus The (Covid-19) outbreak has passed 1.5 million cases in a very short time. The virus that spreads very quickly is spoken by the number of deaths as well as the number of cases. in total, 94,807 deaths Not only bad news comes from the virus that caused it. With new announcements made today healing number There was a positive increase in.

Officially infected with people 351.201 completely He has recovered. When we think of people who have caught the virus and have no symptoms, this rate is thought to be much higher.

The highest number of people recovering in China

Appearing as one of the countries that won the war with the coronavirus In China, The virus seems to be completely under control in the past 4 months. in total, 82,833 people China reported that the coronavirus test was positive. 77,679 recovered He explained. Given that 3,339 died, there are still coronavirus patients in the country. There are 1,865 people.

When we look at the countries where the highest number of cases have improved after China, Spain Greets. Spain, followed by Germany, Iran and Italy, respectively.


Elderly Coronary Virus Cases Allegedly Not Intensive Care in Sweden

What is the latest situation in our country?

There has been an increase in the number of people recovering in our country recently. 42 282 which is the 9th country with the most cases Turkeylost 908 people in this process. 2,142 citizens while it was completely healed. More citizens are expected to recover in the coming days.

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