Nvidia: 10-bit support for Geforce and Titan under OpenGL

10 bit per color channel instead of 8 bit: Nvidia releases a higher color depth under OpenGL for Geforce and Titan cards – so far this feature was artificially limited to the more expensive Quadro models. This is relevant for professional photo or video software such as Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro, but also Assimilate Scratch, Autodesk RV, Color Front Transcoder and Foundry Nuke.

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The 30 bits for all three channels together – just RGB – per Studio Driver 431.70 supported on graphics cards with Pascal, Volta and Turing architecture. This includes the Geforce GTX 1000, the Geforce GTX 1600, the Geforce RTX 2000 and the Titan X (P), the Titan V and the Titan RTX. In Adobe Photoshop, the 30-bit option in the settings must be checked, then there are finer gradients.

However, the previous restriction to 8 bit only for OpenGL in applications, in games with, for example, Direct3D developers can also use 10 bits. Practically, this makes sense primarily for HDR gaming, which requires an appropriate display or a television with 10 bits per color channel – the same applies if photos or videos are to be created with this color depth.

Nvidia makes a distinction between the Game Ready Driver and the Studio Driver: the former appears more frequently and receives timely improvements for new games, whereas the latter is released at a lower frequency and more is designed for stable operation with professional applications. Whether Nvidia unlocks the 10 bits per channel for the Game Ready Driver, the manufacturer did not say. AMD again provides 30-bit color depth for the Radeon Pro WX only.