Nvidia Acquires Mellanox for $ 6.9 Billion

Nvidia, believing that blindly tied to the gaming market created financial insecurity, bought Mellanox Technologies for 6.9 billion to extend ver center solutions. Mellanox Technologies was able to break out of competition. Nvidia agrees to purchase Mellanox Technologies for 6.9 billion, so Mellanox Technologies will be able to expand its data center components market.


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Nvidia's founder and CEO, Jensen Huang, said in a statement about the acquisition that Nvidia's accelerated computing platform could be combined with Mellanox Technologies' accelerated networking platform to create a new generation computing solution with data center scale. This acquisition will also reduce Nvidia's dependence on the gaming world.

Nvidia was competing with Intel to buy Mellanox Technologies. The company will pay $ 125 per share to Mellanox Technologies shareholders. This means that the company will give the shareholders a 14.3% bonus on the day of the closing date. After acquisition, shares in Mellanox Technologies rose 8.9% to $ 119.08.