Nvidia: Bethesda removes almost all games from Geforce Now

Nvidia has in its own forum communicatedthat Bethesda will no longer offer games at Geforce Now – only Wolfenstein Youngblood remains available. The publisher thus decides like Activision Blizzard, in this case too, the company's titles have been subtracted from the game streaming service. Nvidia did not give a reason for Bethesda's departure, the publisher himself remains silent so far.

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According to Nvidia, Geforce Now (test) recorded around a few weeks after launch a million registered users, whereby it remains unclear how many of them come from the beta phase and how many were added after the official launch. Unlike at Google's Stadia, the games do not have to be bought at Geforce Now, instead Nvidia integrates existing accounts. Epic, Origin, Steam and Uplay are currently supported. The Rockstar and Windows stores are missing.

As the only game from Bethesda, Wolfenstein Youngblood (test) is still offered. The title was updated with ray tracing effects a few weeks ago, which is good advertising for Nvidia's Geforce Now. Only users of the paid subscription can use RTX, everyone else has to do without it. Wolfenstein Youngblood uses ray tracing reflections and ambient light shading (RTAO).

If you play with these effects, Nvidia will assign a pod that is equipped with a virtualized Geforce RTX 2080c (g6.full). In fact, a Tesla RTX T10 with 16 GB is in the background, plus an Intel CC150 with eight logical CPU cores at a fixed 3.5 GHz without turbo. Cyberpunk 2077 will probably also run on this hardware in the future, the title will appear in September 2020.

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