Nvidia claims to work with Samsung on AMPERE cards

According to a source that has been largely correct about NVIDIA in the past, the company will use the TMSC 7 nm and Samsung 8 nm infrastructure on the new AMPERE cards.

New architectures and new production techniques were at the core of the competition in the computer components market in recent years. Smaller silicone structures it made it possible to produce faster and more efficient models.

NVIDIA TMSC’s new generation GeForce Ampere family cards 7 nm It was expected to use its structure. Kopite7kimi, a source that was not so wrong about NVIDIA before, 8 nm Samsung He claimed that he would use his silicones.

Samsung nodes shrink

geforce rtx

Nodes used by Samsung before To 10 nm size Even if it does, the size of the new system will be reduced by 20 percent and will decrease to 8 nm. Another in design major changes will also be held.

The layer height that Samsung has determined for both nodes is the same. Door height Lowering 6% The company thus manages to increase its transistor density to over 61 million per square millimeter. Seems like NVIDIAincluding the top group called premium in new generation graphics cards Samsung 8LPP To use.


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On the other hand, the possibility of using different structures on different cards has not been removed from the table yet. GA100 model TMSC 7 nm Samsung 8LPP may be preferred for GA 102 when it is produced with. There is not much difference between the transistor density of TMSC and the density of 8LPP.

Electrical properties unknown



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In determining the properties of the cards electricity consumption and their infrastructures also play an important role. No matter how well the infrastructure is not fed adequately and correctly, it cannot perform well. So what structure it would be better It’s hard to say right now.

If NVIDIA manages to bridge the gap with AMD a bit more Intel’s can also increase competitiveness in the processor market. This will help us see more affordable high-end hardware in the future. GeForce Ampere It seems that we will definitely see the information about it on a not so distant date.

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