Nvidia Releases Video For New Graphics Card

Nvidia's new generation video card, which has been spoken for a long time, will soon meet newcomers when it comes to new video.

Nvidia, which is one of the first brands to come to mind, A short video from. The company, which will organize a special GeForce event a day before the beginning of Gamescom to be held in Germany, said it will have some surprises with the event.

With the new video released, the first ideas about this surprise began to form. It is a video that reinforces the claims of the GeForce RTX 2080 named video card, which is mentioned on many platforms, in fact a simple teaser and not much special information.

In conjunction with some of the small messages on the video, Nvidia announced the new generation of Nvidia's new graphics card, the new Turing GPU architecture, generation graphics card was announced as GeForce RTX 2080. For the messages that are said to be on the videotap, we can say that it is very difficult to get caught. The province is based on having a player named RoyTeX on the videoda, and this RoyTeX name is considered a reference to RTX

The other tip is again based on the last two posts. Another actress named MAc_20 and another actress named Eight Tee also show that 2080 is the phrase to be included in the name of RTX. Of course, we do not know how these little details have been properly evaluated, and we have to wait till we unveil the Nvidia surprise on August 20.


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