NVIDIA Unlocks RTX 3060’s Crypto Mining Unlock

NVIDIA removed the hash limiter, which aims to prevent cryptocurrency mining, in its latest closed beta GPU driver for the RTX 3060. Thus, the day has come for those who aim to mine with the RTX 3060.

It is a frequently cited problem that there are serious deficiencies in the graphics card stock in the market due to crypto money mining. NVIDIA, the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to graphics card RTX 3060 video card to provide a solution to this problem which reduces the hash rate by 50 percent released with drivers, but it turns out that this solution wasn’t enough either.

Based on information shared by Videocardz NVIDIAWhen I was trying to browse, he took an eye and accidentally removed the hash rate limiter from the graphics card in the latest beta GPU drivers for RTX 3060 raised. Undoubtedly NVIDIA will fix this bug in the stable version of the driver, but this will be a late fix for those who install and mine beta GPU drivers on the RTX 3060.

Screenshot showing that the hash rate limiter on NVIDIA RTX 3060 is turned off

RTX 3060


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In fact, GeForce Head of Public Relations, Bryan Del Rizzo, says that the hash rate limiter is not only at the software level, but It also offers a measure at the hardware levelstated that there was a collaboration between the driver and the BIOS preventing the removal of the hash rate limiter. We do not know how accurately these claims by NVIDIA, but it is a fact that RTX 3060s can be used in crypto money mining.

NVIDIA frequently states that it wants graphics cards to meet with gamers instead of crypto money mining, but it is a known fact that the majority of the cards that have been released so far have been used in mining. The biggest expectation of gamers in this regard, RTX 3080 Ticoming with a more proactive solution against crypto money mining and having a video card at the service of the players.