Occupations that will be much more popular in the coming years

The university preference period will begin very soon. We have compiled some occupational groups that you can take a look at in this process, which will be popular in the next 20 years.

Many students who want to enter the university will start making choices in the coming days. This process of preference, if not always, generally affects our future life. Today it is for you Red bullAnd prepared for the next 20 years popular professions We list. Demands in these professions are expected to increase in the coming years.

It is expected that there will be a serious increase in the salaries of the professions we will offer here in the coming years. If you want to determine the profession you will do in the future, but are experiencing indecision, our list can offer good suggestions for you.

Professions that will be popular in the coming years

Renewable Energy Expert

The whole world now to renewable energy passing. The need for many countries, especially European countries, to focus on electricity needs, such as the automotive industry turning to electric vehicles. Sun, wind, water We have seen that it tries to provide renewable energies like. This profession group, which will be very important for the future of the world, will become more popular in the coming years.

Drone Pilot

Drone technology continues to be developed at a great pace today. Now for many photos and videos droneWe use URLs but technology actually promises much more than that. Drones, which are expected to be used in both human transportation and cargo transportation, will make people’s lives much easier in the near future. Drone pilot will be a much needed profession in this process.

3D Printer Specialist

3d printerToday, we see more of them in toy making or in making some extremely detailed parts, but as technology improves, we will begin to see it in more and more industries. Thanks to this technology developed with 3D design software, we can do a variety of things that will open our horizons. For this, 3D printer experts will be needed more.


McLaren 720S Modified with Parts Produced in 3D Printer

Artificial Intelligence Supported Health Technician

In the diagnosis stage of the disease in recent years artificial intelligenceWe started to get help from. These artificial intelligence, which can make very accurate determinations, will need technicians with medical and engineering knowledge. In addition, this profession is needed for the operations to be automated.

Personal Information Privacy Coach

As the Internet expands our personal information is also in danger. The fact that we have a lot of information on the internet, from our bank accounts to our photos, will create a new professional group that will work against people who want to steal this information. These coaches will guide us on what you need to do to protect our information.


It turns out that popular VPN apps leak 1.2 TB of personal data in total

Do you like the occupational groups on our list? There may be very important occupational groups that we still cannot see in the future? Well, your “will be the profession of the futureAre there any professions that you say? You can share your thoughts and suggestions with us in the comments section.

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