Oceans Warming Up Faster Than Expected

While greenhouse gases continued to adversely affect our lives in every way, a dangerous signal came from the oceans. According to the estimates, 40% faster warming ocean waters are an indication of the possible catastrophes that may occur in the near future. In addition to the personal efforts of the people, the efforts of institutions and organizations and governments to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases unfortunately did not prevent the oceans from reaching a dangerous heat.

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An analysis published in the journal Science reported that the waters of the ocean warmed 40% more than the UN's estimates of five years ago. This rapid warming means that by the end of the century we will see a 30% increase in sea and ocean waters. The highest temperature recorded was reported in 2018, and researchers warn the whole world that this would lead to devastating disasters such as storms, hurricanes and heavy rains


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The warming of the oceans also adversely affects the marine ecosystem, leading to the destruction of sea creatures. The oceans absorb more than 90% of the gases released into the atmosphere. The heat continues to rise at an unexpected speed, as it can store heat effectively. Researchers say it will take years for the oceans to cool down even if the production of greenhouse gases stops completely today.

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