Oddmar to be Released Soon for All Platforms

Oddmar, the successful Turkish playhouse MobGe, has been awarded the Apple Design Award for many months.

Oddmar, one of the candidates competing in WWDC 2018 and awarded Apple's design award, It is a very satisfying game, both in terms of sense and play. Lastly, a pleasing news came from the successful game of the Eskişehirli MobGe team, which made us all proud by slipping through the most creative and successful games.

According to a statement made by the creator of the game, there are currently only works in the App Store to make the game compatible with Android and consoles. The team says that the game appears after 4 years of detailed work and adds that they are working diligently for the highest possible quality and performance on a mobile device. The game is welcomed with intense interest all over the world, especially in the USA except our country. The game, which has become the target of many gaming and technology companies, continues to be developed for new platforms at the moment.


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For those who have not yet tried the game, let's talk about the creators' mind; "A story-based game with a total of 24 divisions, with a chapter called" boss "at the end of each episode, followed by another stage of the game."