Officially in the Arctic Circle

At the Arctic Circle this week temperatures of up to 32 degrees Celsius were observed. The place we are talking about normally requires the glaciers to stay constant, and the polar bears to live.

The Banak region of Norway, which is only 550 km from the Arctic Circle, did not search for the citizens of our country on July 30th. The area, which is located in the European meteorological field, has warmed to several degrees according to the findings.

Record temperatures recorded in the Northern Hemisphere this summer have emerged as an effect of global climate change in general. Climate scientists say that temperatures have risen dramatically over the past 40 years. The concern is that the polar regions are under threat because of the rising temperatures.

Average temperatures from places in the Arctic Circle

The summer season lasts from 2 to 3 months in the Banak region of Norway where the historic temperature is recorded. In general, temperatures in northern Europe are 8 to 13 degrees Celsius higher than it should be. In England, for example, the thermometers showed 39 degrees.

"Another day in the Arctic Circle"

The fires in the US state of California and in Greece last week, which resulted in a bitter catastrophe, are indirectly global they also depend on climate change.

Experts expect elevated temperatures to cause more serious consequences, and authorities are inviting them to take measures