OKCoin Stock Exchange moved to USA and added new transaction pairs

 The OKCOIN Stock Exchange moved to the US
The OKCOIN Stock Exchange moved to the US

announced a number of changes it has made in the OKCoin Stock Exchange.

The OKCoin Stock Exchange is only available in California in the US

The US branch is currently only available in the state of California.

The Dollar BTC, BTC, LTC, ETH and ETC.

OKCoin has been working with FinCEN and OKCOIN USA Inc. for the past year. under the name of a service in California for business opened. In the days when we were in the stock market, we started to follow Huobi, who started trading in USA via common HBUS. HBUS also recorded a MSB with FinCEN

The move will see more acceptance as citizens in the US become involved in the world's largest crypto exchanges


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