On Wednesday: Emotet bei Heise – online expert talk about cybercrime protection

Even though it has become a bit calmer around Emotet: the danger is by no means over; Companies and organizations are well advised to use the summer break, to prepare themselves. The online technical discussion helps to Protection against Cybercrime on Wednesday 14.8.2019 by heise Security.

After a short summary it goes on where the first webinar to "Emotet bei Heise: Learning from our mistakes"If you do not have to start from scratch like Heise does, what are the best first steps for converting a Windows network, how can you get support for an acute incident, and what is Emotet doing?

As a conversation partner for heise Security boss Jürgen Schmidt, we were able to win Friedwart Kuhn from ERNW and Thomas Hungenberg from CERT-Bund / BSI. Kuhn has a lot of practical experience with specific Emotet infections and their consequences. He helped with his ERNW colleagues in diagnosing Emotet infestation at Heise and accompanied the subsequent rebuilding of the Windows network. Thomas Hungenberg has been following the evolution of Emotet for several years as part of his work as Incident Handler at the CERT Confederation, including drafting the BSI recommendations for protection against Emotet and similar attacks.

The expert discussion takes place next Wednesday, 14.8.2019 at 11:00; It will take about 90 minutes and of course pick up questions from the participants. Like the previous webinar, the event is 100% vendor-independent. It is aimed at security and data protection officers, network administrators and technical experts in companies and public authorities.

Participation costs 99 euros; Combined with the first Emotet webinar, there is a 10% discount. Further information and the possibility to register can be found on the page

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