OneLedger (OLT) enters world stock exchanges under the name KuCoin

As a well-known Blockchain service, KuCoin proudly announced today that they are offering a business protocol called OneLedger (OLT). Domestic money OLT can also be used immediately for transaction coupons and deposits including OLT / BTC and OLT / ETH

The purchase time for the OLT token is 21:30 (UTC + 8), and the sale / withdrawal time is 22:00 (UTC + 8). Trade transactions can be made from KuCoin application or KuCoin official website

What is OneLedger (OLT)?

OneLedger is a crossed notebook protocol that uses a practical shorthanded and modified Byzantine Fault Tolerat consensus scheme that allows high performance scaling, with or without permission settings. By associating public key infrastructure (PKI) with identity management, OneLedger will have a specific hierarchy of trust that allows them to join the OneLedger chain or any side-chain of ideas.

OneLedger will have a synchronizable structure with the current state of other networks such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Any crypto currency that protects the contracts (HTLC) and payment channels can be credited with an account or an account with the value credited to the OneLedger subaccount.

OneLedger (OLT) token economy

One billion OLT contractors will be pre-empted. Each OLT Token will initially correspond to a single ERC20 token. Thus, OLT's first implementers, the OneLedger ecosystem, will be able to use them in the Ethereum ecosystem. As the OneLedger ecosystem evolves, the OneLedger token economy will have three major contributors: users, network supporters and developers. OneLedger will also have a market space with a decentralized application on the OneLedger platform


Users (including businesses) have to pay a network fee to use any service on the OneLedger platform

Network supporters

Network supporters will receive their OLT tokens as a network fee. In the early stages, OneLedger's software will enable everyone to run a node.


Developers will range from individual participants to enterprise teams and consulting firms. Developers will need OLT tokens to place their modules in the OneLedger platform. The module and code can be sent to the OneLedger Marketplace with an intelligent contract specifying the terms of sale.


OneLedger has already proven its value to businesses and will continue to maintain these advantages in the industry. Thanks to them, OLT listed in KuCoin will provide a safe and reliable trading process. Apart from that, KuCoin always ensures the satisfaction of its partners. Therefore, OneLedger will have a continuous and innovative journey in all operations that use the KuCoin platform.


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