OnePlus Buds Will Offer 30 Hours With One Charge

OnePlus, which has made two important announcements from Twitter, announced that one of the first 10 OnePlus Nord will be gifted, while one exposes the usage time of OnePlus Buds on a single charge.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus has always been confronted with its top segment devices that keep up with the most popular flagships. OnePlus Nord is the first smartphone of the company in the middle-upper segment.

However, OnePlus June 21Will not only promote OnePlus Nord at its launch event in. will be the company’s first fully wireless earbuds OnePlus Buds will also be revealed at the same event.

OnePlus Buds promotional image

oneplus buds

OnePlus has already confirmed the name of the earbuds and has begun to share the first information about its new product on social media with its followers. Today, OnePlus, who shared another video on Twitter, 30 hours charge life that he will have.

Of course, the 30-hour charge life represents the entire headset + headphone box. Headphones itself 7 hours of continuous use This time is extended to 30 hours with the battery inside the box.

Video of OnePlus Buds announcing 30 hours of battery lifeıdltcrm

However, OnePlus CEO Peta Lau also provided information on the weight of the new earbuds. According to this alone 4.6 grams The box of the headphones with a very low weight, such as 36 grams will have weight.

OnePlus Nord is the company’s first medium price / performance It will not be much more wrong to say that it has created more excitement than the latest OnePlus flagships since it is a smartphone focused on. Despite this, OnePlus is announcing new campaigns to draw attention even more to Nord.

The first party will write the number of models OnePlus Nord has on it

oneplus nord

OnePlus, which has made a new announcement on Twitter, has 10 of its first batch OnePlus Nord from the production line. would present It has announced. Unfortunately for the OnePlus Nord gift campaign, where participation is extremely simple katılına not from Turkey.

The first party to be gifted to OnePlus fans is that there is a special version on OnePlus Nord. # 01 with # 10 numbers will be included. So those who have the opportunity to have the special version OnePlus Nord, will be able to show others.

Turkey is not possible without participation in the campaign OnePlus Nord tweet from here You can reach. Nearly 26 thousand retweets of the tweet, 30 thousand likes, how large a mass of OnePlus Nord that you are wondering revealing.