Onlineshop: Apple removes all reviews from the Apple Store

Until a few days ago, it was possible in Apple's online shop to read reviews on the products offered there. This area has been completely removed from the website. This also applies to the Apple Store website in Germany, can confirm. The blog Apple Insider first noticed that all customer reviews were removed from the US website of the Apple Store. When exactly the change was made, can not be clarified clearly.

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Also on the German website of the Apple Store can be found to the individual products no ratings and reviews. Among other things, for the Airpods Pro there was in the Apple Store at least until November 11, 2019 still an area with the title "Ratings and Reviews", This change only applies to the Apple Store page, while Apple's App Store still has ratings for apps.

The Questions and Answers section can still be found on the product pages. If required, buyers can also obtain a limited overview of the desired product. The reviews and answers can only be found in the Apple Store section. On the Apple homepage there are these areas generally not.

Apple did not offer reviews for all products

The range of reviews and reviews has historically not been comprehensive on all product pages in the Apple Store. Samples showed that there have been no ratings for the Apple TV or the Homepod in the past. To date, there is no section for questions and answers for Apple TV. Why these categories are not offered for all products, is not known.

The rating range for the Airpods Pro on the Apple Store website November 11, 2019. This area has been removed from Apple's website. (Image: Apple / Screenshot:

By comparison, Microsoft continues to offer ratings for its products in its online store. The Microsoft customer can thus get a better picture of a product, without having to leave the website. Apple customers will have to search for user comments on other websites in the future.

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