Open Wheel Racing: GTA Online receives something like Formula 1

The developer studio Rockstar Games released another multiplayer mode for GTA Online. It is called Open Wheel Racing and offers races for 16 drivers who compete for victory in two different Formula 1-style sports cars. In order to be able to play it, the latest free update is simply necessary with such extensions.

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In order to participate, players have to get one of the two cars: one is called Ocelot R88, the other is Progen PR4. The racing cars can then be customized at Los Santos Customs with new tires, a different engine, better brakes and all kinds of spoilers.

The racing series called San Andreas Prix is ​​held on seven slopes. Among other things, there is a route in the port area of ​​Los Santos, one in the area of ​​the airport and races in the city center.

With its – for GTA standards – reasonably credible vehicle controls, Open Wheels is obviously a challenge that not all players are up to. In any case Gamestar reportsthat there are always unwanted collisions and other accidents at the races and that many players reacted with frustration – but many took the whole thing with humor.

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Many players are waiting for an announcement from GTA 6, but Rockstar Games is currently making a lot of money with the online mode of GTA 5. The studio releases bigger and smaller extensions again and again in order to retain the players – now Open Wheels. According to the developers, an add-on called The Diamond Casino & Resort, released in August 2019, was particularly successful, which led to the highest number of players in a day and in a week.

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