Opinions of the English public about Bitcoin: Bitcoin Çökecek

According to a survey conducted by a company called D-CYFOR, 92% of British people are aware of Bitcoin.

In a survey conducted by D-CYFOR to measure how people behave towards crypto paralysis, 92% 'den appeared to be informed. Although this may be regarded as a positive result, there are also some positive results. 18 percent said they would use Bitcoin or any crypt money to use 11 percent to buy or sell any product / service or 71 percent

At the same time, if the companies such as Amazon, Google, Apple, or Facebook had created their own crypto money, it was also measured what the public reaction would be like. In the survey, people were asked whether they would use a cryptic money produced by any of these companies to buy or sell any product / service.

Amazon received the most positive response among these four companies. Of the people, 26 percent said that they would use a crypto money produced by Amazon for business purposes, while 55 percent would not use it, 18 percent answered "I do not know" . The public opinion for other companies is as follows:

  • Google: 19% use 62% use 19% I do not know
  • Apple: I do not know why I use it I do not know how to use it how I use it 18 percent I do not know.

People were also asked to invest in Bitcoin at the same time. Twenty-nine per cent of respondents think Bitcoin prices will see a significant increase over the next six months. Here we need to make a comparison. This question has been asked to people before and a different picture emerged. When asked this question to people in April 2018, 39 percent of the participants said; When asked in November 2017, 53 per cent believed Bitcoin would grow in six months.

Even now, 71 per cent of people say Bitcoin will either fall in price over the next six months (23 per cent) (48%) that it will completely collapse and become worthless. In the April 2018 survey, 61 percent of the respondents said that. When we look at the questionnaire made in November 2017, we see that only 47 percent of the people think Bitcoin price will be almost zero.

In the questionnaire made by D-CYFOR, people were asked about their opinions about other crypto money. Of the participants, 48 ​​per cent of those who have invested or are considering investing in Bitcoin have indicated that they will not invest in another crypto currency. If you are considering investing in another crypto-currency, the order of preference is: