Oppo Acquires Rights of Find Y

Oppo, who succeeded in attracting attention with Find X, which he introduced last year, now acquires Find Y's name rights.

The smartphone manufacturer branding the name 'Find Y' is estimated to have received it for the new version of the Find X phone. Considering the innovative features of Find X, Find Y is likely to come with interesting features that we have not seen before. With the emergence of the application, Find Y has the possibility to contain an embedded camera.


 Oppo Find X with Nearly Frameless Display

If we recall, the Oppo X, which can be called notch and almost frameless, completely eliminated its front and rear cameras thanks to a skid design. This technology was a great innovation for the camera. Oppo's acquisition of the rights of a similar phone model name before introducing a new camera technology suggests that Find Y may come with an embedded front camera.