Oppo Introduces the 'Zhimei' Brand for Entry Level Products

Oppo, which aims to expand its investments in mobile technologies, has introduced the company's new sub-brand Zhimei in line with this target. Recently, Xiaomi made its smartphone line, Redmi, a company-dependent sub-brand. One of the popular smart phone brands in the Asian market today, Oppo has announced a new sub-brand called Zhimei. This brand, which will represent Oppo's entry-level products, has also been interpreted as a signal that Oppo will open up to other markets. The company is known for introducing the latest technology products such as Xiaomi at affordable prices to consumers. Oppo will invest on Zhimei brand to deepen the integration of new technologies with hardware and software. Furthermore, the launch of products based on various artificial intelligence and internet-based products will be available through the Zhimei brand.


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Oppo pays much attention to the Zhimei brand. Oppo has appointed Liu Bo, former Oppo Head of Product Management (CPO), as Oppo Vice President and Head of Emerging Mobile Terminal. Chen Mengyong, CEO of Oppo, said he would be directly involved with Zhimei and the company would report to him in person.

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