OPPO Obtains a Patent for a Li-Fi Supported Smartphone

OPPO has obtained a patent for a smartphone that supports Li-Fi technology, which promises connection speeds thousands of times higher than Wi-Fi. It is not known whether the patent will appear as a real product.

5G connectivity support, today flagship smartphones for (global versions) has become the standard. Even some price / performance phones in the middle segment are now available, especially thanks to MediaTek’s new Dimensity processors. 5G connectivity It is offered for sale with the support.

5G, potentially gigabit / second (Gbps) We still use Wi-Fi networks rather than mobile data to download large files today. Therefore, the increase in wireless broadband network speeds in practice, mobile network speed is more important than its increase.

Patent image of Oppo’s smartphone with Li-Fi support



Wireless Data Transfer Technology Li-Fi Can Be 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi

Most of us have support for Wi-Fi 5 on our smartphones and promise a much faster wireless connection. Wi-Fi 6 is gradually becoming widespread. Well, promising much higher speeds than Wi-Fi L-Fi Have you ever heard of the technology? Although some of you have heard of this technology, one thing is certain that none of us have had the opportunity to use it yet.

Chinese smartphone company OPPO noticed that users were connected to wireless networks rather than mobile networks, which received a patent for a smartphone with Li-Fi support. According to the information provided by LetsGoDigital, there is a camera on the back of OPPO’s Li-Fi supported smartphone, next to the camera module or on the top of the device, embedded in the frame. Li-Fi sensor takes place.

Li-Fi promises 10 thousand times faster connection than Wi-Fi



Private Wi-Fi 6 Router Coming From Nubia

Since Li-Fi requires light to receive data, OPPO’s concept smartphone includes an outward facing Li-Fi sensor. This will protect the sensor a little further against impacts. insecure Even though it makes it possible, the speed and new generation security technologies it will offer can ensure that Li-Fi technology can be used safely in the near future.

When using radio signals for Wi-Fi, wireless internet connection; Li-Fi technology is a special From LED lamp using the emitted light. According to the statements made, the connection speed achieved with Li-Fi can be up to 10 thousand times the speed of Wi-Fi connection. For more information on Li-Fi here You can click.