Oppo Prepares to Build Up to 2 Million Devices in April

Chinese telephone manufacturer Oppo is preparing to produce nearly 2 million devices in April

Oppo's Vice President Shen Yiren has announced that the Chinese phone manufacturer in Weibo will issue a new smartphone this April. At this time of the year, it would be reasonable for Oppo to launch the R18, but there may be something different than the company's recent statements.


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Oppo said this year would clearly introduce an R-series phone, instead it would introduce a new mobile phone series. At the end of last month, Oppo showed 10x hybrid zoom technology at MWC and said technology will be produced this year and will be available on new phones in the first half of the year.

however, Oppo is expected to produce about two million units of devices. It will be difficult to create a 10x zoom lens for such high production. In addition, it is not only time consuming but also very expensive to produce.


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In order to solve the problem, the Chinese telephone manufacturer will produce these devices in bulk before the market, and this will not give them any certainty about the return of their money. This is a move that can only be adopted by a large and powerful company. It's really hard to know which smartphone Oppo is planning to launch yet. However, we appreciate companies that take risks for the promising recovery of the mobile industry. Do you agree with us?