Optimize 3D printer and fix errors

Makers and printers often have a completely different view of the shape of a print object. The device may produce what is a completely flat surface for humans rather than a sieve. Or 20 mm are not always the same length. But where is the reason for such misinterpretations? The numerous setting options in the device itself and in the printing program are a book that for many has more than just seven seals.

The causes are often only minor details that can be quickly remedied. Would you like an example? So you worked the printer overnight for several hours, and in the morning the object is only half-finished on the print bed, while the printer thinks that he has printed everything completely. What can have happened Solution (and don't laugh, that's what actually happened to me): The inexpensive printing filament used was spooled fairly sluggishly. There were knots in the wrap that could no longer be unwound. As a result, there was no more filament supply, the printer continued to work "dry", but did not notice this because it did not have a sensor for it.

That's what it's about

  • The most common 3D printing problems
  • Eliminating the causes
  • How to find the optimal printing temperature


  • Time spent: 1 to 2 hours
  • Costs: less than 5 euros (for material consumption)
  • Fine tool: screwdriver
  • Hardware: computer
  • Measure up: Multimeter with thermal head


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3D printed object: fully movable Makey robot

With the optimal setting, your 3D printer can print the fully movable Makey robot in one piece.

If the printing stops in the middle but the printer continues to work, perhaps only the filament is knotted on the spool.

On the following pages we show you the most common 3D disease symptoms and give you the cause and therapy suggestions. But please note: There are so many errors between computer, print program and printer that not all of the ailments and causes can be listed here. That would fill a thick book. But in most cases you will find out the cause of the disease. In the following we use Cura as a software example, there are similar parameters in other software.

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