Optimizing the home network for the home office

If the temporary home office is to become a permanent facility, even if only on a daily basis, then waiting times for downloading or uploading large files may be even less tolerable than already. But even those who do everything via a browser in the cloud or via an app in the remote desktop will notice a low internet speed, namely as a slow reaction from the application. Both can be helped. The problem analysis begins with Internet access and continues with forwarding in the home or office network.

With most Internet connections, you can buy higher speeds (test) for a slightly higher monthly fee. If your employer supports the home office, he may donate the difference for the upgrade or participate in any necessary refreshing of your network hardware. First of all, check in the customer center of your internet provider which maximum speed is available where you live. Then check, if necessary by calling the provider’s hotline, whether the existing router can handle the desired data rate or whether it needs to be replaced.

For lone fighters, the sensible entry point is 50 Mbit / s downstream (from the Internet to the home network, the equivalent of around 6 Mbytes / s), which, depending on the type of connection, goes along with 5 to 10 Mbit / s in the opposite direction (0.6 to 1.2 MByte / s). This means that video conferences in HD and Full HD resolution work: In a few brief attempts with different video conference systems, we currently measured 0.3 to 3.0 Mbit / s in the downstream and between 0.2 and 3.5 Mbit, depending on the selected video resolution / s in the upstream, in short peaks sometimes 4.5 Mbit / s. This tariff level easily covers all other applications.

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