Oracle OpenWorld: Cloud on an expansion course

Oracle plans a significant expansion of the existing cloud infrastructure for the coming months. By the end of 2020, existing regions will be expanded from the current 20 to 36 in the future, almost doubling, according to Larry Ellison, executive chairman and CTO of Oracle. As part of the expansion, both new countries will be integrated and already connected countries will be expanded to include spatially separated so-called dual regions. The planned dual regions are designed to help customers keep their productive applications and data as well as the capacity for potential disaster recovery in one country. For many companies a legal necessity.

Parallel to this project, Oracle also wants to further expand the existing cloud alliance with Microsoft. The aim of the alliance is to provide joint customers with a multi-cloud service in which the respective cloud infrastructure of the partner should be accessible in a simple, efficient and, above all, high-performance manner. Already since June of this year, there is a direct connection between the cloud offers of the two IT giants in the US state of Virgina. Recently added is London, a strategically important location. Further connections in East America, Asia and Europe will follow shortly.

Oracle believes that the future lies in hybrid approaches of cloud and on-premise solutions. In this picture fits the announcement of a Partnership between VMware and Oracle, Thanks to this, it will be possible to run VMware's vSphere Workload on Oracle's Cloud Infrastructure Gen 2 in the future. By providing a complete Software-defined Data Center (SDDC), including VMware vSphere, NSX, and vSAN, Oracle aims to help VMware customers migrate their deployments to the Oracle cloud with minimal customization to enable hybrid cloud applications.

The partnership is an important step in Oracle's medium-term cloud strategy, Ellison said. Realization is expected in the fourth quarter of this year.
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