Ossia's Phone Case Supports True Wireless Charge

The echoes of the interesting products introduced at CES 2019 are still continuing. It is aimed to bring wireless power technology to everyone with the smart phone case that Ossia has been working with with Spigen. But the fate of these products did not pass beyond the prototype. Ossia, which wants to change this course, introduced its products developed with the accessory manufacturer Spigen at the Consumer Electronics Fair CES 2019.

The most prominent of the products introduced is the Spigen Forever Sleeve, a phone case that basically offers wireless charging support. This case is designed to charge smartphones without the need for any power outlet. Designed for the iPhone X and then customized for other phones, this case uses the Cota chipset to convert wireless power signals into usable electrical energy.

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With a range of 10 m to 12 m from the Ossia wireless power transmitter, the case provides wireless charging support. With this development, the range and power are expected to increase as well.

Ossia has not made a statement as to when this new wireless charger case will go on sale. However, according to the information received from the company authorities, the year 2020 may be the year in which this case will go on sale. If you are tired of the cables, you can get rid of the cables by waiting for the products of Ossia.


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