Over 16,000 Trumps in Apex Legends

The cheaters began to emerge in the Battle Royale game Apex Legends, which swept the throne of Fortnite

Apex Legends, the Battle Royale game that had been raged since its release, was soon attracted by millions of players. It didn't take much time to go to the Apex Legends, which even took Fortnite, the leader of a platform like Twitch,

. According to a statement by Respawn in Reddit, more than 16,000 tricks were banned from the day the game was released. There is no explanation as to what platforms these cheats play on.


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Apex Legends, which currently does not offer a feature that allows other players to complain to the person they think it is a fraudster, will be in the coming period. In addition to all this, it was stated by the Apex Legends producer Respawn officials that the performance and stability of the game will be increased with the update to be published next week.