‘Overweight People’ Started Hiring in Japan

A company in Japan has launched an ‘overweight person’ rental service. Within the scope of this service, which has been very popular recently, overweight people can be hired for photo shoots or for individual customers.

“I” that emerged in Japan in recent yearspeople hire” service is very popular. Earlier middle-aged person, lover and sister There were rental companies. Now”fat person“The rental service appeared.

Here we state “fatThe word ” comes from the name of the company and this name, although it sounds rude they have chosen deliberately. in Japanese dust (fat) and kariru (hire) formed by the combination of their names Debucari firm, 100 kilos hiring people. Also, the firm 125 and 150 kilogram”packages” is also available.

So what exactly is this ‘fat people’ rental service?


Debucari firm actually thought as romantic or suggestive services does not offer. The main purpose of the company “Letting go of the times when being fat was a bad impression” is stated. However, the company said,in japan over 100 kilograms It takes great talent to be” says.

Debucari is a company that produces clothing and accessories for overweight people.Qzilla by Mr. Blissto companies such as photo shoots models for hire. As well as male models female models and individuals of other genders in Debucari, Japan quite popular a brand.

Why would people want to hire an overweight person?

Debucari service

Debucari is also pretty nice to the question of why someone would want to hire an overweight person. answers found. In order for companies as well as ordinary people to hire overweight people in different areas outside of work ideas there is. If these ideas are

  • in a restaurant crazy big I need help to eat portion menu item.
  • For someone I know is overweight choosing a gift I want help with.
  • I’m cosplaying and someone’s from the drama a fat character I want you to dress like
  • I want someone to stand next to me while I’m taking a picture weaker Let me see.
  • From an overweight person getting an advice I have a question that I want.
  • someone with me to play on the seesaw I want

Debucari offers watch to individual customers 2.000 yen ($ 19) hires overweight people with a fee. Also with them will work looking for overweight people.


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