Oyak Renault Decides To Interrupt Production Temporarily

Coronavirus affects the automotive industry as well as many other industries. As of March 26, Oyak Renault Automobile Factories temporarily interrupted its operations gradually as part of the fight against coronavirus.

Oyak Renault In the statement made by the Automobile Factories, it was stated that the company has been closely following the developments related to the coronavirus outbreak, which affects the whole world, and the following statements were made: "Considering the health of our employees, which is always our priority, we have implemented preventive measures and practices in line with the instructions of the Ministry of Health, and we continue to take them."

In the global supply chain disruption to pointing company, "As of March 26, we are temporarily taking a break from most of our activities at Oyak Renault Automobile Factories" shared his knowledge.

Production restart date is not clear:

The statement also reported that the Oyak Renault administration urged its employees to stay in their homes and follow the instructions of national and local authorities, in line with the recommendations made by the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of the virus. production of restart date It will be determined that it will be determined in line with the developments in the country and the world. In the company's statement, "Oyak Renault business stakeholders will be informed on the Oyak Renault website '' about all important developments related to operations and production restarts" The statement said.

On the other hand, Volkswagen-based automotive manufacturer Volkswagen reported that it would suspend production at its Russian plants, due to difficulties with the supply of parts from Europe. In the statement, due to uncertainties regarding the supply of parts of the company's production activities in some factories in Russia, March 30 – April 10 It is stated that it will be suspended as of.


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In the statement, the company's auto factory in Kaluga and Nizhny Novgorod production of assembly facilities It was stated that he was temporarily affected by the decision to stop. According to the data of the Russian-based European Trade Association (AEB), Volkswagen sales in the country decreased by 2 percent compared to the previous year and fell to 104 thousand last year.

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