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On July 12th, 2020 is the Regulation (EU) 2019/1150 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 June 2019 on the promotion of fairness and transparency for commercial users of online placement services. This bulky title hides the so-called P2B regulation of the EU, which refers to “Platform to Business”.

P2B regulation brings with it additional requirements

According to the new EU regulation, platform operators extended requirements correspond in their relationship with their business partners, in online trading to the platform traders and show them in their general terms and conditions. For platforms, this means that they are one of their business partners Complaint management system offer and have to give the possibility of mediation to quickly resolve a dispute. For this Mediation At least two mediators with whom the platform works in the event of a dispute are named.

BVOH offers online retailers mediation with marketplaces

This type of mediation according to the P2B regulation is now possible through the Bundesverband Onlinehandel e.V. (BVOH). In implementation of the P2B guideline, the BVOH offers all traders to resolve their disputes using a marketplace or a platform through a BVOH mediator. The target group is online platforms and online marketplaces, online brokerage services and comparable online offers, platform dealers and manufacturers, brand owners and logistics service providers (senders) as well as all those involved in online trade in German-speaking countries. The mediation offer is not aimed at consumers.

Traders can start mediation online

The BVOH has created a mediation agency in accordance with the P2B regulation. Those interested can Mediation on the BVOH website initiate. As a connoisseur of online trading, especially of platform business, the association is able to mediate between platforms and retailers in a professional, knowledgeable and above all neutral manner and act as a mediator.

Oliver Prothmann, BVOH President and commercial judge at the Berlin Regional Court and mediator at BVOH, explains: “Mediation in accordance with the P2B regulation is an ideal tool for traders to use an orderly and fair procedure to deal with problems with the platform to come back to the platform and quickly solve the problem in an amicable manner. ”

P2B regulation: Mediation by the Federal Association for Online Trade

The implementation of such a mediation procedure at the Federal Association for Online Trade can be started in two simple steps: filling out the self-explanatory mediation request on the BVOH website and the transfer of the mediation fee (750 euros plus VAT). The mediation request asks to write plain text.

Wolfgang Wentzel, lawyer and representative for the management and mediator at BVOH: “It is very important to us to bring the platforms and the platform traders together and to accompany them in the solution they find themselves, to moderate the way there. Not all problems can be solved automatically. Sometimes this requires an open word and an ear to listen to. ”

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