Paribu Allegedly Hacked

It was claimed that Paribu, one of the leading crypto money exchanges in our country, was hacked. Dozens of users say that the balance in their account is first converted to Bitcoin and then transferred to other accounts without authorization.

Interest in cryptocurrencies continues to increase day by day in our country and around the world. Thousands of new users every day, to cryptocurrency exchanges Begins trading transactions as a member. These exchanges, where cryptocurrencies are bought and sold, can come up with serious claims from time to time.

According to a new claim, one of the leading crypto money exchanges in our country. paribusOn April 5, 2021, to cyberattack was exposed. As a result of the incident, many users report that their Bitcoins have been withdrawn from their accounts and transferred to different accounts.

Paribu was allegedly hacked one of Turkey’s leading crypto-currency exchange:


According to the claims that are on the agenda in social media, the coins in the Paribu accounts of many users have been transferred to different accounts. Users in their accounts that altcoins were first converted to Bitcoin, then says it was sent to other accounts without instructions.