Password management – higher security for corporate IT

We should use World Password Day as an opportunity to think about why the Use of passwords still causing so many security problems. Headlines about data leaks appear in the news columns almost weekly. It was recently reported in the course of the Covid 19 pandemic that the account details of more than 500,000 zoom accounts are for sale on the Darknet. This again fueled the debate over the multiple use of passwords and the benefits of password management.

Security Policy does not help

This is about a problem that most people know. Many of us still make this mistake, and to make matters worse, people will continue to make this mistake in the future because they find it difficult to remember multiple passwords – they are simply the power of convenience. Even one Security policy, which regularly forces users to change their passwords, does not help. The majority of users then simply number their passwords or choose them from a handful of favorite passwords. This will hardly stop a cybercriminal who can use a number of different data leaks to gain access to accounts.

Now it is certainly not the worst idea to teach people how to use passwords securely. But for reliable security in the medium and long term, the human factor has to be eliminated Authentication process be taken out. Password management applications are becoming increasingly popular, and that's an encouraging sign. As a result, people can use really secure passwords and replace them regularly if they outsource the saving of passwords to an app. In this way we can sustainably increase our individual and collective security.

Password management: consider human factor

In general, cybercriminals are only too happy to abuse the human factor in IT security. However, if users do not even know their password and do not have to know it, it will be much more difficult for cybercriminals to steal access data. In the future, however, it remains to be hoped that in the long term alternative authentication methods will prevail that enable a working world without passwords.

About the author: Bert Skorupsk is Senior Manager Sales Engineering for Microsoft Platform at Quest software. The company offers software solutions for the rapidly changing world of corporate IT that help simplify the challenges posed by data explosions, cloud expansions, hybrid data centers, security threats and legal requirements. (sg)