Patent dispute between Ericsson and Samsung ended

The Swedish telecommunications group Ericsson and the Korean manufacturer Samsung have reached a new multi-year agreement on global patent licenses, thereby settling their patent dispute. As Ericsson announced on Friday, the agreement affects all wireless technologies including the 5G standard.

The settlement ends all ongoing patent litigation between the two companies in the US and other countries, it said in the Ericsson announcement. The agreement also provides for the two companies to work together on projects that will advance the wireless industry towards open standardization and create valuable solutions for consumers and businesses. Ericsson kept the terms of the deal under lock and key.

Ericsson sued Samsung in a US district court in Texas at the end of 2020. The company was accused of violating contractual obligations to ensure fair license terms for patents. In the specific case, it was about technical standards for the end devices against the background of the switch to the new 5G mobile communications. The US International Trade Commission (ITC) then initiated an investigation into possible patent infringements against Samsung. (With material from the dpa) /


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