Patent For Crypto Mining With Manpower From Microsoft

Technology giant Microsoft seems to try a new way to mobilize people. The firm has patented a cryptocurrency system powered by people. This technology may enter our lives in the future.

Earlier this week Microsoftfiled for a new cryptocurrency mining system. This system enables people to do the complex data processing process without thinking about the energy they produce with physical activities.

Even though the patent application focused on specific details, when we look at the basics, according to physical activities It is based on the principle of giving crypto prize money.

Data processing potential at any time


Like jogging, playing games or attending a yoga class activitiesforms a part of our daily life. During these continuous activities, this complex system can solve data reveals.

System on paper is a bit as if out of science fiction movies though it actually has quite simple foundations. Vehicles such as smart watches and phones can track the movements we do during the day. also our mobile devices it also shares information with other applications. Similarly, Microsoft enables to use information from these sensors. For example, the high pulse that occurs when you accelerate your pulse while doing sports allows you to solve questions more quickly.

Solving complex processes with physical force



2 types of exercises that provide a firm head in a solid body

Microsoftnew patent “Instead of traditional cryptocurrency systems using huge computer networks, data from bodily activities can be proof of work and as such a user can unconsciously calculate a difficult question to solve.” introduces with expressions.

This patent idea whether it will be real Unknown. In addition, such a site is of course a lot of people, privacy will cause questions on his mind in many subjects. Microsoft will probably use Azure Blockchain for this system. For many people, the idea of ​​making money from the data they already produce will be very attractive.

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