Pendik Municipality Saved 12 Million TL with Pardus

On the days when domestic and national usage are so important, the Municipality of Pendik announced that it has saved a total of 12 million TL in savings.

As you know, when saving the issue, giving the example of famous 'olive' has. According to this, in 1987, American Airlines released a single olive on the menus and saved a total of $ 40,000 a year.

Today we are in a similar situation, although the figures are constantly changing, and it is a good example that large-scale constructions can provide great benefits even with small savings. Pendik Municipality announced that it made a profit of 12 million TL in total using the domestic and national operation system PARDUS with the explanation made via Twitter.

We think that figure may come to the beginning but it is a support even with a small calculation. Today, the version of Windows 10 designed for corporations is sold for $ 1,200 on the official site. If Microsoft does not have a specific agreement with government agencies and similar structures, PARDUS needs to be used on 10.000 computers to save 12 million TL.

The Municipality of Pendik informed the official announcement of this figure being shared and details will be shared in the coming days.


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