People Who Never Existed Are Traveling the Internet

Artificial intelligence has progressed to produce photos of people who are not actually there. Some people started to sell and use photographs and images of nonexistent people.

technology and artificial intelligence As we progress, we continue to encounter quite different and interesting uses. No longer photos of people who never existed There are websites you can buy. This is more common than you might think fake people.

Let’s say You entered Tinder and with a pair. Or you looked at a profile photo of someone trolling on social media. Maybe you’ve come across while reading product reviews on the site. None of these people may not be real. Artificial intelligence developed by NVIDIA has improved in recent years. New York Times‘s interactive content shows very clearly how an artificial intelligence can shape people.

Fake people photo market

artificial intelligence human

There are many platforms or websites where images of non-existent people are created and sold based on artificial intelligence. To get a “private, worry-free” fake person on the site Generated.Photos $ 2.99 is enough. Those who want 1000 people for 1000 dollars can take.

Let’s say your company’s site show more global You want, but you also avoid stock photos that your competitors can find. The solution is simple, by entering the site in this news, you can get a free imaginary human photograph you can obtain. You can even determine this imaginary person by criteria such as ethnicity and age.

artificial intelligence age human


Facebook Decides To Approve The Use Of Fake Name

These fake people in the last years on the internet It started to appear more frequently. On the Internet using a photo that doesn’t exist trolls, trying to infiltrate other groups, cheaters with fake profiles started to emerge.

Systems are getting better

Firstly 2014 in the year The researcher who said that this technology emerged Camille Francoisof the early images The Sims He says he looks like the characters in his game. Now, it seems almost impossible to separate the images without looking carefully.


Deepfake Bots Create Inappropriate Images of Over 100 Thousand Women On Telegram

fake face

Of course these artificial intelligences not perfect. Basically, all artificial intelligence systems deal with the data people use to train them with thousands of discrimination questions. Naturally bias and defects in humans it’s going to artificial intelligence. Since women are caught in glass ceilings and are not brought to higher levels of management, human resources AIs are trained by reviewing past CVs. promotion before women events like this are a reflection of this situation.

While surfing the Internet with glasses wrongeyes boat, unbalanced ears or people photos with a blurred / blank background are more likely to be fake. What do you think about this?

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