People's Bank of China: "We need to stop and stay calm ICOs."

The People's Bank of China (PBoC) doubled ICOs' rhetoric and said that it would "fit" the trickster ICO operations.

Pan Gongsheng, Vice Chairman of the Bank, said that the ongoing ICO ban and regulatory effects


At a meeting of the Bank's Internet Finance Correction Working Group on Monday,

"We must stop the idle ICOs and stay alert. "

" Considering the emergence of some new financial products and formats, and especially if recent ICOs, Bitcoins and cash loans do not comply with the current legal framework, the People's Bank of China will act as necessary and will come to the fore.

China first introduced a clear ban on ICOs in September 2017.

 blockchain cryptographic money for prohibition

The government decided on an idea about the emerging blockchain area this year without restricting any restrictive measures tried to give. At the same time, the government has presented the latest official ratings of crypto currencies for the past month.

Crypto money trading has been approved by the mining industry in Beijing, despite the pressure to downsize the country's mining industry.

This week, a raporda published by the People's Bank of China, Yuan's now global Bitcoin of transactions are claimed to have less than 1%. China was the world's number one market by volume before.