Periscope, Closed Today Throughout Game Match

Periscope, the defendant due to the unauthorized release of the match footage with Digitürk, was closed for the first time in today's match. The application will be closed during the Super Toto Super League matches.

MKE Ankaragücü, who played in 21.45 today, started to play Periscope with Galatasaray match. Previously Digiturk, Periscope'a "unauthorized match broadcasts" on the grounds that the case opened. After Digitürk won the case, Periscope will be disabled in the period of Super Toto Super League matches.


            And Expected: Periscope, Access By The Digiturk Case Will Be Closed

Live video sharing application Periscope has been an accused on the grounds of "unauthorized serving of match images" by Digitürk, a paid channel that broadcasts Super Toto Super League matches. The Istanbul 1st Criminal and Industrial Rights Criminal Court of Istanbul, which considers blocking the publication of Twitter's Periscope application, has made changes to the technical infrastructure of Periscope to prevent access.


            Accounts with Comment on Violence in Periscope

Periscope's broadcast ban, which started at 21.45 today, was lifted after the game was over and re-used.