Personal development in Blockchain

EVO, a Blockchain-backed platform that evaluates and improves human skills for a comprehensive personal development, is launching the sales process on June 15th. Do not miss this opportunity!

Your knowledge, skills and experiences are your most valuable asset in the world. The world is changing very fast. Modern time requires very fast adaptation. However, traditional education and qualification formation approach provides such a speed. How can a person compete in a new era?

The education system with multi-year cycles is unable to meet the needs of the times when technology has emerged and has not been used in less than a year. The question of the speed of response can be corrected by the non-governmental sector, but there is a general lack of applicable standards and appropriate tools to assess the skills acquired.

All these problems are possible with the solution of the EVO

In a new approach, technology should help people, It must be against. Entering a new level of knowledge and evolution is only possible with a comprehensive solution of learning and skill assessment areas that will provide the necessary networking effect.

EVO is a Blockchain-backed platform that evaluates and improves human skills for comprehensive personal development

The two directions are constantly evolving, developed


A project for the creation of a training and recruitment platform for evaluating and developing professional skills and personal and business qualifications

] EVO.Live

A project on human development in other living areas such as leisure, sports, creativity, personal development (to be launched on the market in 2019).

The main idea of ​​EVO is that different services bringing together companies that offer: culture, sports, career and education, travel, leisure and creativity and with the help of k individuals evolved through a single platform gives you the opportunity. The user gets a playable application that encourages them to change and improve, upgrade their skills and win prizes.

Once you have worked to develop certain mental and physical assets with the help of the EVO platform, you will be able to instantly prove your abilities and skills, and this verified data will become an important tool to reach your goals in professional and personal areas .

Primarily, the project implements solutions in the education and career segment.

The EVO.PRO for the user provides:

  • The evaluation of the person's skills in an objective manner and a general portrait of the person in charge
  • Protection against personal data manipulation and abuse
  • Ability to share a professional portrait of a person
  • Possibility to choose the best areas and partners for training and development
  • Possibility to choose the best areas and partners for training and development
  • ] Ability to get job offers on the most advantageous conditions in your dream job
  • To understand your value as a professional
  • To lean on the problem of skill verification by unskilled employees
  • Game based motivation and development practice

EVO.PRO for employees provides: [19659016] K

  • Avoiding the consequences of recruiting qualified staff and addressing the recruitment of highly-paid highly skilled staff
  • Independent impartial evaluation of employees' abilities
  • Evaluation of pace and quality rather than experience definition in CVs
  • Spot modular training opportunities to raise employees' skills with guaranteed results (intelligent contracts for training employees)
  • Ability to use neutral data while hiring employees with Blockchain technology
  • EVO.PRO for partners

    • Expanded customer coverage
    • Tools for remotely evaluating user / client capabilities
    • Rapid response to market requests and creation of new programs
    • Establishment of new assessment and documentation scales and methods on the basis of expert knowledge
    • Promotion of a neutral expert approach in the courses of professional and personal work and psychological skills and in the curriculum
    • Implementation of certification programs and expertise information on a field to build efficient training and evaluation methods

    EVO.PRO for the expert community

    • Solving the problem of presenting evaluation criteria for new skills and knowledge to existing certification practice areas
    • Establishing expert groups, developing leadership evaluation and training systems and, most importantly,
    • Immediate redistribution of certification methods via the generated system
    • An expert or community that creates the evaluation system with the platform

    Blockchain allows us to look into the future safely

    Blockchain technology is viewed by many as a fundamental building block for future enterprise operations. Because trust, security and transparency need to remain dominant in business applications. Blockchain technology provides an anti-hacking consensus model, using a decentralized network to control and encrypt operations.

    The decision to store user data in a single decentralized registry allows you to create a multi-purpose CV that can be implemented in professional and personal areas. In fact, the system is a uniform and universally feasible storage of data in the Blockchain. The platform's combined approach to technical and legal issues for storing critical data is combined with the advantages of Blockchain. The summary of each record is stored in the public Blockchain, which allows the results to be reliably verified by the platform and made nearly impossible to process.

    In addition to the effects of the immaterial motivation resulting from the development of the individual system not only in the field of HR, but also in launching the next phase of EVO

    Project takkeni will benefit from many innovations

    Project tkani (ETALON), in the utility role. The token is a domestic currency for the platform partners, a discount agent and a universal loyalty point. Tokens are used for internal settlements, which are protected by the mechanism of intelligent contracts and become significantly more profitable thanks to the discount and loyalty programs system.

    At the moment the project develops MVP, which will be rolled out before the sales process, which starts on June 15.

    You can visit the platform website for more information. Click on the whitepaper.

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