Pessimistic BTC price estimates from analysts who put Bitcoin on the table

When spring came, crypto currency feelings were also opened; The fears of a new bottom in Bitcoin declined significantly as the market rose above $ 130 billion. However, some of the prophets still predict the bad news

not short-term good for Bitcoin

The leading two market analysts Murad Mahmudov and Tone Vays, as well as Blockchain researcher and investor Arjun Balaji, Hong In the panel held at the Token 2049 conference in Kong, they talked about the market situation.

Makhmudov and Balaji predicted that by the end of the summer of 2019, Bitcoin would fall to $ 2,000-2,500. Tone Vays made a worse estimate of $ 1,300 for Bitcoin, but did not show a specific timeline.

The largest crypto currency dropped 85 percent from its $ 20,000 peak It fell to $ 3,000. During the 2014-15 month cycle, Bitcoin fell from $ 1,050 to $ 165, as Vays predicted, if Bitcoin falls to $ 1,300, this would mean a price correction of 93% with the summit.

Also analysts are the lowest in December 2018, which makes up 60% from $ 83 Ethereum says their prices may go down even further. Finally, market experts said crypto currencies were only short-term in the winter and would start a long-term upward trend in 2020.


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