Philips, Technology Now Carrying on Bathroom Mirrors

We all know that technology has developed and will continue to develop in the future processes.

Philips, who makes life easier with a variety of products and feels the existence of technology to us, this time comes out with a smart bathroom mirror. Philips Hue, which emits a pleasant light around it and looks very elegant with its design, offers you the convenience of providing control from your phone.


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The smart bathroom you can control from your iPhone and iPad is also about 20 inches wide. The mirror that fits standard measurements does not have color diversity unlike other products. Only the white color can be controlled with HomeKit home automation.

The intelligent mirror, which has a control for those who do not use Apple devices, is actually programmed to be controlled from the phone with its production reputation. Would you like to use this kind of product or do you need it, but if you want to turn off the lamp after you have rested your bamboo lamp or you've been sitting in your chair without lie down, smart lamps can appeal to you. The product, which is produced in water and nourish-resistant form, seems to be stoct at the moment. For this reason, if you want to access the intelligent mirror that we can not talk about price or if you want to reach the price information after a while, you can visit the link that is here.