Photographed when the Starling Flock Takes the Shape of a Bird

The flock of starlings, which fascinated the eyes with the shapes they made while in the flock, took the form of a bird this time. This event, which took place in less than a second, was captured by Irish photographer James Crombie.

Even though they are tiny starlingsthey can produce interesting, frightening and magnificent images in lots of them. One of these unique images, which brought the emotions we mentioned last day, was recorded by a photographer from moment to moment. One frame of the recorded image stood out more than the others.

Irish photographer who is normally a sports photographer James Crombiehad been chasing a frame for several months. Crombie said that he noticed that starlings make shapes while in flocks, and that he went to the same place many times to catch the picture in his head. Crombie’s patience and perseverance finally brought out this magnificent image:

The moment when the flock was a single bird:


Crombie’s friend Colin Hogg had a big share in the creation of this photo. Hogg told Crombie about the starling herds in the area and said they could take pictures here. Starlings, every 4-5 days They were moving at dusk and this was the best moment to take a picture.

With this expression, although the photo is perceived as an easy-to-capture frame, it can be applied to the same area to obtain the desired result close to 50 visits in a few months done. But none of them came out with the desired frame. If it were days before the birds left the area, a miracle happened and Crombie managed to frame the photograph in his mind. The moments when the square was captured were also uploaded to YouTube by Hogg:


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Canon 1DX Mark III This photo taken with a model photo camera, captured that evening It was just one out of 400 to 500 frames. In the video above, the team trying to capture the frame was able to see the moment the starlings formed the shape of a bird despite the rapid movement, “That’s a bird! (This is a bird!)“We can understand from his words. Less than 1 seconde in This event was documented in the best possible way, with both video and photographs.

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