Photographs that Best Explain the Historical Development of Technology

The development of technology in the historical process is developing much faster than many other subjects.

At some point in time, we have already forgotten about where the technology is coming from, although we have been upset and angry when our laptop computer has a 5% battery life or when our phones are disconnected from the network. It is possible to give a lot of examples about this progress, but we can not explain this development better than the photographs. Because their silence is much more than they can say. So, the following 9 nostalgic photographs tell us about the evolution of the technology in the best way:

1-Mini Computer

This device, which was produced by Digital Equipment Corporation in 1965 named "PDP-7", had 9kb of memory that can be upgraded to 144kb. Did you know that this giant computer, which had a $ 72,000 price tag, then called it a "mini computer"?

2-CD Revolution

In this photo we see Bill Gates on a pile of paper at a height of several meters, making a reference to the CD in the palm of his hand, saying "They all fit in this round thing." Because as soon as the photo is seen, I think that diskettes have come up. Today, the use of CD and floppy disks is minimal. Because now there are megabytes of gigabyte, much smaller stores with terabyte capacity.

3- What is going on in the world in a minute?

In 2016, 347,222 tweets, 20.8 million WhatsApp messages, 2.4 million Google searches, and 38,194 Instagram photos are shared worldwide within a minute. The rest of this data is shown in the round table above. Considering these numbers are much ahead of us in 2018, we do not want to witness the truly terrifying size of the Internet

4-Growing Space and Planets

We learn something new about our universe almost every day. At least 30 years ago, it is possible to say that the universe is bigger. According to this, it is now known that there are about ten astreoids in the Earth's orbit, but now it turns out that there are more than ten. At the same time, Pluto's planet itself has numbered days within it.

5-Realizing a Miracle with Impossible

There was a great revolution in the past when the Apollo team hit Ay, and this event was written in gold letters in history books. Going to the Moon today will be easier than before, but considering that the computer capacity at that time is even less than a TI-83 calculator, it is really appreciated that such a great job with such a limited opportunity. Of course, the claims that this journey is not real still continue.

6-Better Viewing of Space and Planets

Space science has a big track on the progress of technology. One of the best examples of this could be about the planet Pluto. Because, with today's conditions, it is possible to capture the clearer picture of these planets and to investigate them better. We can understand this difference very well by looking at the above picture.

7-Multifunctional Technological Devices

Everything you have seen in the first frame above has more in the smartphone you have seen in the second frame

8-Historical Development of Computers

Above you will see a computer with a 5MB hard drive capacity produced by IBM in 1956.


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9-Smaller Growing Hardware

The shapes and appearances of these MicroSD cards, which are very similar to each other, can be almost identical. But the incredible capacity increase between them only took place in 9 years.