Pick-up: Tesla is looking for a location for cyber truck production

Elon Musk wants to produce his cyber truck in the center of the USA and is looking for a location for one "Cybertruck Gigafactory". He has that Tesla boss tweeted.

Job market

  1. toolbox GmbH, Eschweiler
  2. Deutsche Bahn AG, Berlin

Tesla plans to build the cyber truck as of the end of 2021 and sell it at an entry price of around $ 40,000. The electric vehicle is to be delivered in different configurations with regard to the drive train and battery.

The simplest version with rear-wheel drive should have a range of 400 km, the twin-engine all-wheel version should be able to drive 480 km on one battery charge, the model with three engines 800 km.

The base model is expected to start at $ 39,900 and has a rear-wheel drive. The four-wheel drive vehicle variant is expected to be sold for $ 49,900, and the three-engine model for $ 69,900.

Tesla is also currently preparing for mass delivery of the Model Y, an SUV coupe based on the Model 3. First, customers in the United States are served. The electric car is currently being built at the Fremont plant in California.

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