Pinterest Announces Access to Quarterly Billion Users

Pinterest inspires a quarter billion people. Pinterest was able to reach 250 million in this era when social platforms had bad days.

Pinterest, who was one of the first platforms to get inspiration, reached more than 250 million people quietly. Today, Pinterest helps quarter-billion people get inspired every month;

More than half of Pinterest's users and 80 percent of new records are platted from outside the US. According to a Nielsen study, 98% of Pinterest's Pinner users are using out the ideas they have found on the platform and using them in various forms.


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Founded 8 years ago, Pinterest is one of the largest platforms on the internet today. Currently there are more than 175 million Pin in Pinterest. According to last year, the number of pins increased by 75 percent. The most interested and recorded ideas were popular products, style ideas, arts and DIY projects.

Pinterest shared a post about this growth. What is exciting is not the number of uses, but how people relate to how they use Pinterest. This is why one quarter of a billion people prefer to spend time in Pinterest, when the internet becomes increasingly political and negative. Because for them Pinterest is an inspiring, productive and positive platform.