Pinterest offers a new Shopify app and extends pinboards functionally

The Pinterest app for Shopify includes shopping functions such as day installation, catalog import and daily and automatic product updates. There is also a system for buying ads that can be used in just a few steps. For Shopify retailers, this means easy setup and distribution via Pinterest with or without ads. In addition, reporting and result tracking are provided in order to maximize the reach. The app automatically establishes a connection between the individual shop and Pinterest, so that the retailer does not need to edit the code or require developer resources.

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The integration of the day will be available to merchants in the countries where there are Pinterest ads, including Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom in the coming weeks.

PInterest app
The Pinterest app for Shopify is available in the Shopify app store.

Shopify retailers can use Pinterest product pins

“We want to make it even easier to shop on Pinterest. With Shopify, we have the perfect partner to give retailers access to catalog features, product pins, and shopping ads, so they can reach millions of pinners looking for unique products that suit their tastes, ”said Jeremy King, SVP of Technology at Pinterest.

“With the new Pinterest app on Shopify, retailers can display the products on their virtual store shelves with just a few clicks as recommendations that pinners encounter when shopping. Retailers are adapting to the new reality and looking to the future of retail, which is why we focus on making both our ads and our organic functions available and effective for companies of all sizes. ”

Pinterest pinboards
With the new planning functions, Pinterest users can organize their pin boards even more easily.

New features available on Pinterest

The number of new pinboards in Germany rose by 26 percent compared to the previous year. So that users can quickly implement the ideas they found, Pinterest now has new ones Pinboard functions presented in Austria, Germany and Switzerland: The new functions are available for the browser, iOS and Android.

It all starts with a pin board: people come to Pinterest to take a look into the future. You will find a lot of inspiration and ideas and memorize everything in the form of pins on a pin board. This can be a recipe for the next dinner or planning for a birthday or wedding. Even if planning generally looks a little different and we get used to the new normal – people still return to search queries for travel, event planning, summer, weddings and much more. In the past month, the number of newly created pin boards worldwide has increased by 60 percent (compared to the previous year).

So that users can quickly implement the ideas they found, Pinterest has now made organizing pin boards even easier. The new functions for pin boards at a glance:

  • Dates within pin boards: Add a date to your pinboard (ideal for planning events)
  • Group my pins: Pinterest helps to break the pins on sections into sections
  • Lists / comments in pin boards: Add a to-do list or private notes to organize your thoughts
  • Templates for sections in pin boards: For new projects, Pinterest helps with suggested templates based on the scope of the project

Dates and notes for optimal project organization

Are you planning your next virtual meeting? From now on you can add appointments to your pin boards to track the progress of your project and archive the pin board after the project has been completed. With the new note function, you can record details, create a shopping list for the supermarket (or place your order directly online) and create a to-do list. Expert tip: Add pins to your notes so you have a visual reminder for your to-do list.

Intelligent pin sorting gives you a better overview

Users can use the pin boards in their new, improved version as a personal assistant. Using technology, we suggest pin board folders to organize your pin boards. Maybe you have a bulletin board with a lot of ideas for activities with children, but you would be much more likely to try them if they were organized in folders like "art projects" or "outdoor games".

In addition to automatic organization by topic, we also offer our users support in project implementation. The project starts when the first pin is remembered. For example, if you are planning a birthday party, we suggest pin board folders and ideas for invitations, decorations, food and drinks, and activities. (sg)

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