Pinterest: Significant jump in sales impresses investors

Pinterest increased second-quarter revenue year-on-year by 62 percent to a good $ 261 million. Analysts had expected more than $ 230 million. Adjusted loss before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization was $ 26 million lower than expected.

Bottom line, Pinterest wrote but red numbers of $ 1.16 billion. The loss, however, was mainly due to stock-paid compensation of $ 1.13 billion, which came into the books after the IPO in mid-April, as Pinterest announced, In the same quarter last year Pinterest had lost $ 38.4 million.

The number of monthly active users increased Pinterest from 291 to 300 million within three months.

Pinterest sees itself as a visual search engine in which users can search for ideas about interior design or vacations and find pictures to their interests. At the same time, they can save photos from the net as pins on "boards" on specific topics. Pinterest takes money mainly through advertising, mainly paid pins, which are displayed to the users.

First-quarter Pinterest numbers had a reverse effect on price: investors slumped the stock by about 15 percent after the loss was higher than expected.


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